Questions of Legality: Is It Legal to Place Bets on NAIA Matches?


Sports betting have always gotten a pretty negative reputation over the years. While it isn’t the fault of sports betting itself; it is usually because of the decisions that were made by some of the bettors. Now in the world of volleyball betting, NAIA often plays a bit part of this.

NAIA stands for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. They are usually the body that is responsible for the matches that colleges have against each other. College sport is something that is worth millions as most of the future big stars are recruited from.

So the question would be: is betting on NAIA matches legal?

Quick Answer: YES


So what’s the catch?

Generally, they don’t usually mind if you place a bet on matches. What they do care about is how you go about it. They look at a few things like:

Where You Place the Bet

Man Holding Money

If you make bets among friends or with establishments which pay taxes, then everything will be completely fine.

How You Get Your Information

two man playing volleyball

Collegiate volleyball is taken quite seriously. If you are going to be dealing with information about match fixing, that is quite illegal and can get people’s careers done before they even start.

So when you are planning on placing bets on the wonderful female and male volleyball players of universities, just make sure that you go through the right avenues for it. Have you tried betting on a NAIA match before? How did it go? We would love to know.

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